Top Tips For Home Preparation

Nothing compares to fresh fish straight from the boat. Cooking fish can be intimidating but it shouldn't be. So here we have a few top tips for preparing your fish at home.

Removing The Skin.

Using a serrated knife or electric knife will just rip through the skin and spoil the fish. Get yourself a sharp knife and place your fish skin-side down. Then gently draw your knife between the skin and flesh from the base of the tail to the head and then lightly loosen apart from the skin. The sharper the knife the better!


How To Debone A fish.

Get a sharp knife and fully slice open belly cavity where the fish has been gutted and opening it down to tail. Cut the fins off with scissors then slice off the tail and head. Open the fish out and lay flat on a board, skin side up. Firmly press down all along backbone to flatten fish out. Turn the fish over, skin side down. Using scissors, snip backbone away from flesh at tail and head ends. Lift backbone and ease it away. The majority of little bones should be removed with it.


Use Tweezers.

Pin bones are the tiny bones found along the thickest part of a fillet. They're too tiny to remove with just your fingers, so you need to use special tweezers or needle-nosed pliers. If this sounds like a pain (which it is), feel free to ask us to remove them for you. If necessary, use tweezers to remove any small bones which may be left in the fish.